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Wedding Reflection - Inviting everyone to 'arrive'

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Wedding ceremonies are such exciting and emotional events. So much thought and preparation goes into them. People make huge efforts to be there. Settling everyone down for the ceremony, so they can leave behind the rush to fully 'arrive' is so important. Here's a sample reflection, using small stones that each guests receives on arrival, I've used it to create a sense of togetherness as the ceremony begins...

As you came in you were given a small stone. I’d ask you to get that and hold it now in your hand.

These stones were gathered from Pollan Beach in Ballyliffin. This is the beach overlooked by the hotel that we will have the reception in later. which as many of you will know is a wild windswept Atlantic beach that is full of smooth rounded stones. After our ceremony today, we will gather them and bring them back there. So in a way they are on the same journey we are on today.

I am going to ask you to call to mind briefly your own journey so far this day. To note the anticipation, any points of strain or rush, and to ask now for the grace to fully arrive

Now I’d invite you to turn your attention to the stone, spend a moment noting its texture, its temperature, its firmness. Stones can be many things

· Obstacles on our path

· Stepping stones – across a stream

· Building blocks-when pulled together to form a wall

This stone in your hand has been, washed and turned over by rolling waves and brought to rest on beach.

That might speak to us of ourselves, smoothed by being tossed around by life’s challenges, at times like today, getting to rest in company of others that have been tossed around by the sea and brought to the same shore, at times coming together to build something new, and then perhaps being lifted afresh by the waves, drawn back out to sea and carried to a farther shore

Listen to the waves ( background music playing) and note what stone is speaking to you of this morning

Then you might place it in one of the basket that are being passed around.

We place the stones, with all the different things they mean, and place them in a vase with sea water. See something of how the depth, vibrancy and colour changes through the contact with to the sea. We can be mindful of how we too can be changed in extraordinary and miraculous ways if we are open to what God can bring about through the power of love.


Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

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