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Rewilding Faith

It's not easy to know where to go to speak about faith, spirituality or a sense of God these days.  Rewilding Faith offers relaxed, creative, participative spaces for you to explore your sense of God - whatever that means to you.

If you are 'over Church' but not 'over God' this may a space for you

Strolls for the Soul

Stroll along the shore of the Swilly, or up in the hills overlooking Lough Foyle Hear stories of struggle and transformation that are rooted in these places. Take some quiet time to reflect on how such stories resonate with your own story. Be inspired by, and inspire those you are walking with.

And maybe be open too to how God - whatever that means to you - might be trying to speak to you on your way.

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Soul Chats (Spiritual conversations)

Maybe you no longer (fully) believe in the God you grew up with., but maybe you still pray.  Maybe you would like a space to talk a bit about what that means, but don't know where to go.

Or maybe you are angry with God and need a space to say that.

As a Interfaith Minister and as someone trained in Spiritual Accompaniment, I offer a safe space to explore your sense of God, space to heal, to grow and maybe even, transform.

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Workshops & Retreats

Step back from the hectic rush of everyday life and give yourself space to connect with yourself, with others, and with your own sense of God- what ever that means to you.  

Take time to slow down, and reconnect with what matters most to you..

Residential retreats, day retreats, evening and online workshops all available

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Rewilded Writings

Revisiting the traditional stories of faith to question and re-imagine them in a more inclusive way is another important aspect of rewilding faith.  

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