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A woman's take on faith

As a Catholic woman, married (to a former Jesuit) and Mum of 3, I have spent a lot of my life 'living' certain questions – about whether or not I had a 'vocation',  about celibacy, God and infertility, and where women fit in faith. I have something to say about these things, but as a woman, it's not always easy to find a place to do that, so I have welcomed those opportunities that have opened up for me.

A number of my radio and print pieces are given below. As an experienced speaker, and member of Women On Air, I am available for talks, presentations, media and community events. for more details, please get in touch.

Audio & Video

RTE Living Word Reflections - Advent 2020

Print & Online Publications

For more writings,
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Patricia writings are a treasure trove for anyone, particularly women, exploring or questioning all the facets of their own spiritual journey and religious tradition within this complex modern world. I adore her courage, raw authenticity, personal experience and wise reflections. I especially like her comfort with unknowing. She provides numerous stepping stones for the readers own inquiry into their relationship with church, faith, spirituality and the Divine.

Dr Lynne Sedgemore, CBE

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