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On Daffodil Day - A prayer for those starting cancer treatment

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I wrote this prayer recently for a friend on the first day of her radiotherapy treatment. On Daffodil Day sharing it for anyone else on a similar journey

May you feel blessed today


May you have a smooth journey there, with something or someone to distract, entertain, console or hearten you, depending on what you need most

May you find arrive safely and encounter care, compassion, and consideration in all those you meet en route.

May you get a comfy chair in the waiting room, may your wait be short, and may you find answers that sit well, to all the many questions you have heading into today

May you get home again smoothly, reassured with the knowledge that you have what it takes to get through this

With a strong enough sense of your own body’s needs, and the self-regard to attend fully to them

To be open to how they can best be met

And patience to wait while the healing happens

And may you sleep well and deeply tonight ready to face tomorrow.

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