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Hospice Hand Printing - A Blessing

Blessing included as part of presentation to first European Grief Conference, Copenhagen, Sep 2022

I was recently asked by a friend, if I might write a blessing for those creating hand prints with hospice patients. My friend, who works in the local hospice. has been using the practice for years and was writing it up as part of her Masters in Loss and Bereavement with the Atlantic Technical University. Her study explores the emotional impact on staff of working with patients in this way. She has seen the memory-making exercise work really well to prompt conversations about death, and to create a very meaningful tangible reminder of a loved one. She wanted to include some form of blessing, that staff could opt to say with the patient as they were doing it, or at the end. So, with deep admiration of the real care for patients and their families that motivates that, here's the blessing I wrote:

As your hand leaves this painted touch, May those you have touched find it a source of comfort.

As you have held with your hands, may you now feel held

As you have cared with your hands, may you now know care

As you have welcome with your hands, may you now feel a welcome home


Photo by Aaron Lee on Unsplash

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