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Unique, heartfelt ceremonies at the centre of your special day

'Beautifully refreshing in its simplicity'

So you are engaged... Many Congratulations!


Now to planning for your big day...


I can help you create a ceremony to honour and celebrate your love, and bless you in your life together.  If you feel a Church wedding, is not for you, but you still want to evoke and express the depth of what's happening on the day, I can help.  I will work with you to find creative ways to express your beliefs about love and what sustains it, in ways that feel authentic. 


The ceremony we create together will lift the spirits, and touch the hearts of everyone there - not just yourself and your partner. It will be the centre piece of your very special day, and a solid grounding for the rest of your married life together.

  I have led many ceremonies indoors, outdoors and can also find ways to allow those unable to attend in-person to meaningfully participate online.


As a legal Solemniser, it's always an honour and privilege to hold the space as you reach and take each others' hands in marriage for the first time 


What people are saying

The wedding ceremony Patricia led was beautifully refreshing in its simplicity. While being true to the couple’s religious beliefs, it also had a modern twist and a wonderful blend of inclusive singing, well-chosen short readings and involvement of family. The beautiful acapella singing by the bride and groom set a very romantic scene where one felt graced to be an honoured witness


Weddings - What people say
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Wedding 'Take 2':

 A Post-Covid Celebration

Maybe you are already legally married... 

You went ahead with a smaller ceremony than you had hoped for. 

Now you want to gather all your friends and re-declare your love and commitment to each other, and get to share the joy!

I'd love to work with you to create a really special celebration of your journey together so far, and to bless your hopes for what lies ahead.


And so it begins

Giving everyone, including yourselves, time to fully 'arrive' for the ceremony is key to a great ceremony.  

Wedding ceremonies are such exciting and emotional events. So much thought and preparation goes into them. People make huge efforts to be there. Settling everyone down for the ceremony, so they can leave behind the rush to fully 'arrive', can make a real difference to the ceremony itself.

Here's a sample reflection, using small stones that each guests receives on arrival, I've used it to create a sense of togetherness as the ceremony begins...

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