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Baby Namings - Blessing for Mum, Dad, Big Brother(s) & Big Sister(s)

Updated: Sep 20

The arrival of a baby is such a special time, but it is also a time of huge upheaval for all the family, Mum, Dad, and older siblings. This is a prayer for all those most affected by the arrival of a new baby...

May the Spirit of all things new bless you

(Mum's name and Dad's name)

(Older brothers and sisters' names)

As you welcome baby Name to your home and your hearts

May you delight in the joy he brings, and support each other in the minding he will need

May you be gentle with yourselves, each other and most especially <baby> as you adjust to the his arrival

And make room for him in your hearts and your home

May you know and lean on, as needed,

The support that here for you from your wider family and friends

May you come to see the Divine in him, and be open to how she will see the Divine in each of you



Photo by Joshua Clay on Unsplash

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