Memorial Services

Gathering to remember, celebrate and honour our loved ones who have died

 If you have lost a loved one in the last year, you have lost not just the person you care about. but also the chance to remember them with others.

A personalised Memorial Service can offer something of what you missed out on. It gives you the chance to connect with family and friends in-person and share stories and maybe some laughter and a few tears too.  You can fully include any family or friends unable to attend in-person by letting them connect with the service online.

Memorial Services, can complement whatever funeral or wake was possible. Appropriate for an Anniversary, Month's Mind or any other significant date of your choosing, they afford you time to plan the kind of gathering of family and friends, that will really honour the life of your loved one. I will work with you to choose from an array of simple, dignified memorial service ideas to ensure it will be a personalised gathering, including readings, music, and prayers or reflections that are most meaningful for you. 

Online Memorial Services

Connecting in those unable to attend in-person


As restrictions ease, we will all be very glad to gather in person again. However, there may still be those who are not able to attend a service in person.  They might be overseas, or simply not well enough to come along in person.



They can still be fully involved and share their memories and recollections, through the creative use of online meeting options.

Online Workplace Memorials

Gather to honour and  remember a colleague who has died

Perhaps someone you know from work has died, well before their time. Normally you might go to their funeral, but you have probably didn't get that chance, due to Covid restrictions. If you are working from home, you will have had more limited chances to meet with others to chat.

While you are not a chief mourner, it is still a real loss to lose a colleague.  An Online Workplace Memorial, allows you to how to gather with other colleagues, to remember your colleague together and express something of what they meant to you.  



Patricia worked with us to create a very sensitive and appropriate remembrance ceremony - perfectly pitched!


Patricia arranged  a beautiful service which was very a dignified tribute for our friend, a source of comfort to all and in particular to her family.  Patricia accommodated so well each individual’s preference, and there was space to listen, reflect and to take comfort.


Online Memorial Services are a great idea, to help family and friends connect on special days after a loss

Orla Keegan, Head of Bereavement Services, Irish Hospice Foundation