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Easter - what does it mean on lockdown ?

Updated: Jul 13

How might Resurrection happen in our world and our lives today? This was a question a group of us reflected on as we 'gathered on zoom' for Easter Sunday.

Earthquakes, angels and stones that get rolled away

Resurrection happens when we move beyond selfishness towards community

How? I mean Matthew's gospel tells us there was an earthquake and then an angel rocked up

All gleaming and bright lightning clothes

Moved the stone and then told the Marys what to do

What about for us?

Where do we see angels or hear them

How do we move away the stones blocking us in

to our own selfishness?

Did the earthquake help to loosen the stone?

Will this ‘earthquake’ we are living through -

Some much more exposed than others -

Be a shared experience that builds community in new ways?

As our stones of individualism are rolled away

And new ties of connection are made?

And what about the angels?

Angels without the gleaming clothes

Are harder to perceive

And still harder to hear

Maybe they wait for us with a spark of creativity

At the end of our tether

As we try home-schooling

Or entertain isolated parents over Zoom

Stones, the bits that remain when old structures crumble

Or indeed crash down

Are also the bits that can be put together differently to form

The new emerging normals of these times

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