Online Memorials

Connecting those who are grieving, with those who wish

to offer love and support 

Online Month's Mind

An online gathering of family and friends, from wherever they are, at home or overseas, to celebrate the life of your loved one. It will be a personalised gathering, including stories, readings, music, and prayers or reflections that are most meaningful for you. 


While it can never replace what you have lost out on in having a restricted wake and funeral - the handshakes, hugs and quiet words from those who would have attended in person - it does enable you to see everyone who joins the service; and to share memories, and maybe some laughter and a few tears too.
Remember Together on 'Significant days'

A chance to connect on a loved one's anniversary, birthday or wedding anniversary

The Month's Mind is just one of many points on a grieving journey. If you have lost someone, you will be facing lots of significant days - their birthday,  the anniversary of when they passed away, and maybe their wedding anniversary.   All dates that might, in more normal times, merit a gathering, a coming together. 

For these times when it is not possible to connect in person, I can offer a simple tailored gathering online for you and those you invite to mark the day together. 

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