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How does an Online Remembering Service work?

Everyone you invite will be able to connect with their phone or laptop into a online meeting where they can see, hear and speak with each other, and if they wish share photos and videos. The platform used will be Zoom, and a link will be sent to you to distribute to all those you want to ask. 

How long would an Online Remembering Service last?

That's up to you.  The guided part of the gathering can be from 20- 50 mins long, and where people want to stay on and chat, that can be arranged once the service is over.

How does an Online Remembering Service work?

In this ceremony, everyone who joins in online will have the option to be seen and heard.  So it is quite differnt to connecting online to watching a live video of a funeral where no one at the service can see who is tuning in online.

Are these Remembering Services religious? 

Only if that is what you want.  As an Interfaith Minister, I have been trained to working with people of all faiths and none. The aim of the ceremony is to help those who have lost a loved one to get some comfort and support, and I will work with each family to create a personalised service that allows that to best happen.  We will be celebrating the life of the loved one, sharing memories, reflections, and if desired, prayers.

How many people can attend?

There can be up to 50 log ins accommodated, and more if required.  Everyone in the same household could log in together, so this allows for 150-200 people to be connected in.

How much does it cost?

€250.  This includes the inital consultation to design a service with you for your loved one, leading the ceremony on the agreed date, provision of the online meeting space and a recording of the ceremony.

Get in touch to arrange a call, where we can address any further questions and agree on dates.

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